There are a great deal of wrist tattoos for guys to choose from although many male tattoo enthusiasts may be daunted trying to find masculine designs among all the female options. However, fear not because there are actually a good many unisex images that work well for both men and women. While the bracelet design is often associated more with females, masculine versions actually look really cool and can wrap around the whole or just half of the wrist. Wrist Tattoos For MenPopular images chosen by guys for this style of tattoo include flames, vines, barbed wire, Celtic symbols and even words. If the latter appeals to you, then just make sure you choose the right number of words to fit into the space so they can be read clearly without looking cramped. These could be your children’s names, your favorite quote or saying and any words or phrases that express your personality or character traits.

Whether you opt for a single name, one word or two opposing words the most important factor is that they have some personal significance to you. This will enhance the value of your design as it will give it a deeper meaning which will definitely add kudos to any wrist tattoos for men done in this style. The script can be in English or a foreign language and writing such as Chinese, Japanese and Sanskrit all work well in this area. Popular words used include those relating to love and family, hope and faith, life and beliefs as well as purpose and discipline.

Many often select two opposing words like love and hate, heaven and earth, life and death or now and forever which is another favorite with men. A more philosophical or spiritual individual may even opt for a yin and yang image which looks cool on the inner wrist. Wrist Tattoos For MenWhatever your choice, it is important that the design has longevity as this will be a permanent fixture once it is inked on your skin so make sure you select the best words for this purpose.

Other single images that work well as a focal piece on the inside of the wrist are zodiac signs, Celtic symbols, Japanese kanji, rosary designs, crosses and tribal patterns. Any of these particular designs can be customized to suit most wrist tattoos for men. Generally male versions tend to be less expensive than the female equivalent as these tend to be simpler designs that take less time to complete. Intricate designs will ultimately be more expensive, more painful and will take longer to heal so this may be worth bearing in mind too.

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