Many women are captivated by the appeal of tribal tattoos for men, perhaps due to the primitive undertones of our natures that arouse our interest in the man, seeing him as the tribal leader. There is also that element that makes him appear manly and tough, that makes us think this is a man who will protect those he loves. Whatever, your individual reaction we can safely say that tribal tattoos are definitely among the sexiest designs a guy can choose.

Tribal Tattoos For MenIn particular the tribal arm band design which wraps sexily around the arm emphasizing his muscles and accentuating biceps or triceps. This is very appealing to us women, particularly any designs that follow the arm’s contours adding depth and flow but this only works if the tattoo is in proportion to the area it covers.  If not it can look a mess, as a large tattoo on a small arm will actually accentuate the lack of muscle while a small tattoo on a large muscle will look lost. For those who want to be more discrete with their body art, upper back tribal designs are ideal if you don’t want to flaunt it but are still very sexy when you choose to show it off. A popular choice for this style of tattoo are some tribal symbols with significant personal meaning to the individual and placed horizontally, vertically or in the centre as desired.

Any designs spanning between the shoulder blades or over the muscles of the upper back will look great, especially if you have nice skin or defined muscles which will make it even sexier to women.  However, the ultimate in sexy tribal tattoos for men has to be the neck, particularly if it is just peeping out above a shirt collar attracting a woman’s attention but still leaving a lot to her imagination. She will also be drawn to what is considered one of a man’s most tender spots which she knows will make you weaken with her touch, so this one is definitely a magnet for the ladies.

Tribal Tattoos For MenIf you want to keep your tattoo hidden, an upper shoulder tribal tattoo can be tucked away under a shirt sleeve or displayed discretely from under a vest. For those who are fortunate enough to have great shoulder muscles this will add even more masculinity to your overall sex appeal as well defined muscles will be perfectly accentuated by a tribal tattoo in this area. The many tribal tattoos for men range from basic, centered designs to more intricately woven designs that can encircle your arms and shoulders, like a sleeve, and extending to any other parts of the body you require. A sexy tribal design on the chest will have women wanting to run their hands all over it. However it is best not to go for one that goes straight across the sternum bone as this will fail to show off your curvy pecs. Instead, choose a design that flows to set off your features and define your muscles, and make sure it tastefully combines both sex appeal and class. So if you want the eyes of all the ladies on you, you have the power to do so and all you needs is to find the right design and a reputable artist to implement it then watch the attention come your way because whatever you choose you are guaranteed to get extra attention from the ladies in an instant.

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