You can tell a lot about an individual’s personality from looking at the tattoo they are sporting. Among the most sought after tattoos for men are Celtic designs, signs of the zodiac, symbols and tribal patterns. If your guy is a Scorpio his zodiac tattoo may include a scorpion while someone who is a Taurean may go for an image of a bull. Tribal tattoos are also in great demand but can vary considerably depending on the origin of your selected tribe. A traditional Hawaiian tribal design for example is very different from a Japanese one while other related tattoos include tribal dragons, Celtic and Native American symbolism.

Tattoos For Men If you are an animal lover there are also an abundance of animal designs many of which can be customized to make them more unique to the individual. The most experienced tattoo artists have produced some visually stunning creations featuring snakes, birds, wolves and tigers as well as dragons. In particular, the Chinese dragon has long been a favorite throughout the ages and is still a popular choice in modern times. Another long term favorite design in tattoos for men is the classic ‘name’ tattoo and this is still commonly requested today. This could be your mother, girlfriend, wife, and children or if you are a biker perhaps your favorite brand of motorcycle! Spiritual beliefs can also be represented in a name design and it is unlikely that men will ever tire of decorating their bodies with this particular kind of tattoo.

It is also important to make the right choice when deciding which body part you want your tattoo placed and whether you want it fully visible or somewhere it can be easily concealed if necessary. Tattoos For Men Exposed areas like the neck, arm, wrist or ankle are harder to hide while areas such as the pelvic region, lower back, thigh or buttocks are much easier to cover. As the tattoo will be with you forever, it is essential you are satisfied with the design and placement.

The art of tattooing allows us to adorn our bodies with statements about our inner selves so it is not surprising that many use them to express their beliefs and personalities, to reveal significant pieces of information about who we are and what we stand for. If you are thinking about tattoos for men it is important to look beyond the aesthetics of the design and to consider the fundamentals behind it. A symbol that has some profound personal meaning will ensure your tattoo has longevity rather than something that is just a passing phase. Consider wisely and choose a design that effectively portrays you and what you represent whether it is a symbol, word or any other image. You could even opt for an existing design and customize it so that it is unique to you or alternatively why not create your own personal design? Remember this will be a lifetime commitment.

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