There is a huge new trend that is taking tattoo enthusiasts by storm and that is any design featuring tattoo quotes for men which can involve words, literary quotes, cool sayings and any number of written text. Let’s face it there is nothing quite like the written word for making a statement and getting a message across. It is therefore perhaps not surprising that this design is now making such an impact.

Tattoo Quotes For MenWord tattoos in general have always been around in one form or another and tattoos featuring lettering tend to be cheaper to do than those that involve images. In some cases words may be added to an image, like a name for example but these were generally used as an embellishment to the original design rather than being the main feature. Name and word tattoos were often used as memorial designs or incorporated into the likes of gang related tattoos but were never really part of the central design. Over the past few years this situation has changed as now literary style scripts and text in beautiful fonts and writing styles are everywhere thanks to the rise in demand for tattoo quotes for men. This can be everything from song lyrics, to a line from your favorite movie and these can also be done in any language you wish. Chinese symbols and Japanese Kanjii work wonderfully in this type of tattoo as do Hindi and Arabic scriptures. Celtic sayings and olde English verses are also rising in popularity.

This type of tattoo looks great in larger areas such as the shoulder, although this can be easily covered and may be more suitable for someone having their first tattoo. More experienced tattoo enthusiasts may opt for a larger canvas such as the back, whether it is the upper, lower or entire back area that is used. Whether you just want one or two words in big bold lettering or an entire verse of your favorite poem in smaller writing running the length or breadth of the skin, this is one of the best locations for tattoo quotes for men. One of the coolest places to spot this type of tattoo is definitely the rib cage although this is not a location that many opt for due to the high levels of pain that are usually involved. Tattoo Quotes For MenHowever, if you are hardcore enough to endure the discomfort, a cool ambigram tattoo inked on the rib area will have an enviable effect on any one who catches sight of it.

Single word tattoos and script done in a long rectangle shape are perfect for the forearm and also look pretty cool but will take a lot less time and tolerance than designs in other areas. Regardless of your chosen location, the most important thing about this kind of tattoo is to ensure that the words are of great significance to you so take your time and do ample research until you find one that suits you perfectly.

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