Surely one of the best accessories for men has got to be a tattoo, it being synonymous with strength and masculinity.  However, upon deciding to get a tattoo, selecting the perfect design can be a difficult choice with so many tattoo ideas for men available. Remember, a tattoo is a statement about you, so make sure your choice of design is personal to you and one that reflects the image you desire.

Tattoo Ideas For MenMany years ago, tattoos were very old school in design and associated with sailors more than every day people. Now they are making a comeback and arm tattoos can combine the classic sailor design with a modern twist. From 3-D effect mermaids, anchors and nautical stars the classic manly ruggedness is still there but with a difference thanks to advances in modern ink technology and equipment used now within the tattooing industry. The colours of these designs are now more vivid than ever before and the artistic talent that goes into creating the intricate detail involved is now second to none. Old school pin-up girl tattoos were often favoured by sailors in days gone by however these are also making a comeback, if they ever truly went away, with sexy women scantily clad in everything from hula and cowgirl outfits, to nurses or other uniforms. Some of these designs have even taken a darker turn, with Zombie pin-up girls even replacing the standard movie-star or girl-next-door images in some instances!  These are actually very similar in style to the originals, however noticeable difference may include a green skin tone or rotting flesh with a bit of blood or gore thrown into the mix for good measure.

Tattoo Ideas For MenOne of the most common choices for tattoos on the arm are tribal designs. These are very striking designs that make a huge visual impact but also provoke an air of mystery. They are generally illustrated in monochrome dark inks to produce swirling black spirals and interwoven geometrical shapes and are inspired by the artwork of tribesmen around the world. These range from ancient tribal civilizations like the Celts to Maori, Samoan and Polynesian tribes however Hawaiian tribal art in particular is a big favourite with many today. If you have a muscular physique then a design of this nature on your arm will enhance the tone and shape accentuating your muscles for a very sexy look. As well as being one of the top designs chosen by men, these tribal tattoos are also a big favourite with many women who deem this to be one of the sexiest tattoos a man can sport. An additional advantage with this style is that you could start with a design on one specific part, like the chest or shoulder and gradually have it extended down the arm of over the back at a later date. And, despite the popularity of tribal tattoos, there are so many different kinds that it is possible to find one that is rarer if you really want a design that is more unique to you. They are also very symbolic, so you can find a design that suits your personality and expresses exactly what you want it to say about you.

One of the ideal places to get a tattoo is the chest as this is a wonderful canvas which gives the tattoo artist plenty of space and scope to work on. Another bonus with this body part is that it can be covered up if necessary and will not be on display unless required so it is suitable for those with professions that require discretion in their work attire. Hearts and crosses are popular tattoo ideas for men too as these symbols can make significant statements in this area. A confirmed bachelor may choose a stone heart design or one who has been unlucky in love may opt for a crown of thorns around it. Alternatively, having a girlfriend or wife’s name on the chest near the organ itself is a popular statement of love for affectionate guys and text tattoo designs in general are popular here. These involve using words  instead of images, such as names and dates of significance to you, words or a phrase that appeals to you and even a meaningful poem, bible verse or song lyrics.

Tattoo Ideas For Men These look particularly effective in bold block letters or an elaborate written font but again, it is simply a case of doing some research to find a script that is perfect for you. Tattoos of this kind in a foreign language or script, such as Arabic, Hebrew or Sanskrit are hot news too so if you like to be banking on trend then this may be an idea worth considering.

There are also animals which represent ancient symbols and many opt for these when mulling over the many tattoo ideas for men. A scorpion is one such creature as mythology suggests this is an image of protection although in ancient times they were feared as well as revered by the gods and humans alike. Big cats such as lions, jaguars, panthers, cheetahs and of course tigers, are another very manly choice that appeal to many men who can relate to the positive character traits of these mighty creatures. Many guys also go for sleeve tattoos though be warned these are not for those who are weak at heart because the whole of the upper arm is the canvas here, so make sure you put some thought into it first. This is a sensitive area and also will be more visible due to the area that tat will cover.  Japanese designs, in particularly dragons extending right around the arm, are much sought after as they accentuate muscle, convey strength and also represent wisdom. Oriental images in general are also very popular as these are beautifully detailed and vibrantly coloured from Geisha girls to Samurai warriors and lotus flowers to Koi fish these are sure to make an impact as well as having longevity. Japanese kanji – which are similar in appearance to Chinese characters – are another favourite often used on their own or in conjunction with an image of a similar theme.

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