With tattoos growing in popularity, particular those designs that make a personal statement about the individual, more and more tattoo designs for men are emerging and these creations have completely altered in comparison to the look of older style ones. There are now no limits with regards to what is expressed in the design clearing the way for more and more new ideas and styles.

Tattoo Designs For MenLet us take a look at some of the most commonly requested tattoos for men in more details starting with Celtic tattoos which can be tattooed pretty much anywhere from armbands and lower back pieces, shoulders and upper back areas, chest and even legs. The beauty of this artwork is that it can be used to create popularly requested images such as stars, sun, moon, butterflies, animals and flowers but depicted in the Celtic style so even more traditionally feminine images can be given a more masculine edge. The Celtic cross is another popular image which is distinctive in design and very symbolic in meaning. This combines a cross with a ring surrounding the intersection with the traditional Celtic knot work interwoven into the design and  historically, this particular style of cross pre-dates the both the Christian and Catholic Crucifix designs. These are often illustrated on the skin predominantly in dark ink colors however they also look great with a little, or a lot, of color too for additional effect.

Tribal artwork in general is very popular with male tattoo enthusiasts be it the more unusual Haidas or the more commonly requested Polynesian tribes as they look very manly and depict very masculine attributes such as power and strength. Many of these also involve the use of thick lines in dark colored inks, with angular or curved edges which make a bold statement in both large and small versions. Hawaiian tribal artwork has been a firm favorite with many in recent years and like the Celtic imagery it can be used to recreate everything from flowers to animals in its own unique style. Animals in general are widely requested by guys across the board in particularly strong powerful beasts like the tiger, panther or wolf. These can be illustrated in their traditional colors and depicted on the skin as designs on their own or accompanied by an elaborate backdrop emulating their natural habitat. They can also be done in monochrome designs as a silhouette or as just a basic outline, whatever appeals most to the individual really, however men in general seem to relate to their strong, potent attributes. Big cats make stunning body art particularly on a large canvas of skin perhaps running from the shoulders down over the chest or over and across the back.

Tattoo Designs For MenEagles, hawks, vultures and other birds of prey are popular particularly on the shoulder or chest areas for wing tattoo designs but life-size wings on their own have also proven popular on the back particularly emanating from the shoulder blade area. These could be tattered demon wings if you want a darker design or beautifully detailed feathers that look real enough to stroke. Thanks to the wonderful artistic talent of many tattooists today, anything from fact to fiction and fantasy to realistic, is possible now. One of the oldest tattoo designs for men are Japanese tattoos which increased in popularity when colored inks were used more frequently as these looked great particularly in Dragons, Koi fish and Kanji designs. These are beautifully detailed designs that represent positive attributes such as courage and strength, which work well on most body parts. Originally however, these were very large designs covering a wide area such as the entire chest or back however even the smaller versions are still magnificent examples of this kind of artwork.

In the west, we most commonly saw the old school sailor style tattoos in decades past but these are also seeing a revival with modern designs and vivid colors that give them an updated edge. These vintage images include pin up girl, swallows, anchors, mermaids and other nautical designs as well as hearts, cherries and stars. These often appear on the arms, accompanied by a banner with a name or date that is of special meanings to the wearer. The latest advancements in inks and styles of tattoo designs for men mean even older designs can be reinvented and so many of them are still increasingly sought after today. If you want to avoid traditional body art designs and go for one that is right up to date, then text tattoos are a huge trend at present that may be of interest to you.

Tattoo Designs For Men These involve replacing traditional images with words and can be illustrated using any style of font that appeals to you. From elaborate old fashioned ‘writing’ to bold, black letters in a more modern font, there are a multitude of options available here whether you just want a word or phrase that makes a personal statement about you or full chapter and verse! Some people opt to use song lyrics or a favorite biblical verse that has a profound personal meaning to them while others may add an air of mystery to the text by having it done in a foreign language or script. Once again, this is all about personal choice so it really comes down to individual choice and what appeals most to you. However, if you are thinking about having some body art make sure you do as much research as possible before you select the tattoo for you.

This is of particular importance if you do decide to get a tattoo done in a foreign language so make sure you get the meaning translated by several sources to ensure its correct and choose a tattooist with experience in similar work. Remember, whatever design you go for will be with you for years to come – unless you want to go through the painful and expensive process of tattoo removal – so make sure you get it right and try to find one that is of special significance for you personally. Whether it reflects your style, personality or individual character traits make sure you will still be proud to display it many years from now and choose the location for it wisely too.

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