You may be a guy considering star tattoos for men, but do really know what the star represents? This symbol comes in many differing designs, other than the five pointed one we all used to doodle as kinds, and many have individual meanings too. Let me enlighten you, literally!

Star Tattoos For MenThe night sky is dark and heavy but somehow through the darkness you can see millions of twinkling objects shining so it is no surprise that these are a symbol of light, particularly during darker times. They also represent hope and truth, a struggle to reach the light amid the darkness, and this essence of light overcoming dark is the star at its most basic meaning. Individual designs vary depending on the number of points and the shape of the tips and three of the most common type are the Pentagon (a five pointed star), the Nautical star and the Star of David or hexagon, which has six points. Let’s look at these individually.

First, the Pentagram design which can have two meanings depending on its orientation. If facing downwards mimicking a ram’s head it is considered to have Satanic relevance however turned the other way it has a more spiritual meaning and is a symbol of harmony associated with the nature of life,. This star’s five points conjure a powerful imagery of balance and protection combined with the four dominant elements of fire, air, earth and water with the spirit making up the fifth point at the top of them all.

Star Tattoos For MenSailors have long since been associated with Nautical star tattoos for men as they have long relied on the stars to guide them safely back to shore after long voyages at sea. For sailors, these star designs are considered to be symbols that protect them too. It is also symbolizes protection and guidance to non-sailors. The more profound interpretation of this design is that while the wearer ultimately creates his own life, the star is guiding him along on his personal voyage of discovery.

The Hexagram star tattoo or Star of David also has powerful symbolism which represents the interaction of man and the Divine and is also of particular significance in Judaism. Additionally it is know as the Creator’s star and has been strongly linked to the Kabalah.

While there are a multitude of differing types of star tattoos for men, it is worth checking out the more unusual ones such as Nonogram (the nine-pointed star), the Octogram (the eight-pointed star) and the Septagram (the seven-pointed star).

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