While there are many wonderfully elaborate designs around in the world of tattooing, recent years has shown an increase in demand for small tattoos for men. Previously these were cute and pretty designs relegated to female tattoo enthusiasts who wanted a more discrete image. Now this type of design is seeing a growing demand among men too.

Small Tattoos For MenFor women, this style of design would often be cute and pretty or sexy and petit with butterflies, stars and fairies all proving popular choices. However, these are all very feminine designs that don’t look so good on masculine bodies. After all you do not see many men sporting a fairy or butterfly although star designs can look good on both male and female body parts. These simple images work well on their own or in groups to make really cool small tattoos for men as well as women. These can also be used in multiple images to form a pattern of your own design, subject to a little imagination and creativity. Other popular designs in smaller tattoos include birds and flowers which come in both masculine and feminine versions to suit both sexes. There is a wide choice of birds which are more suitable for men including birds of prey like the hawk or eagle.

Flowers can also be used for men although generally and one floral image in particular that has long been used for male tattoos is of course the rose. This looks good on various body parts however while women may have this inked on their hips or next to their navel, men are more likely to have this design on their arm or chest, perhaps with a name banner next to it as a tribute to a loved one. For many men, a tattoo is a substitute for jewellery and other accessories that most females simply cant do without. More masculine choices in tattoos include Celtic or Tribal style armbands which come in both large and smaller designs, although the latter is often used around the wrist or finger to give the effect of a ring or bracelet.

Small Tattoos For MenThere are a great many options available in small tattoos for men including zodiac signs, popular logos and of course sports related emblems such as the mascot or team shield that represents the team they follow. The name of a man’s significant other is also a popular choice for many men, as are animal images and script tattoos is signature style fonts. Men also regularly choose a word or phrase that means something personal to them, as opposed to an ambiguous, image as this clearly conveys any message they wish to express. A note of music looks good as a small tattoo design too as are musical instruments and other images with a musical theme.  Regardless of whether you choose a large or small design, it is important that your tattoo should be unique to you so take your time to ensure you make the right decision.

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