One of the fastest growing designs in the tattoo industry at the moment has to be sleeve tattoos for men, thanks to the growing trend among many celebrity wearers. This design literally wraps around the upper arm just like a sleeve of clothing, from the elbow up to the shoulder also known as a half sleeve tattoo. Sleeve Tattoos For Men Alternatively some designs stretch right down to the wrist and these are referred to as full sleeve tattoos. It is even possible to have a quarter sleeve version which starts midway at the elbow and finishes at the wrist.

Anyone opting for one of these tattoos will be making a bold statement as these are usually quite large designs with intricate detail. It is definitely worth seeking a tattooist who is experienced in this type of design and it is definitely not one for the girls. It is important to consider the time that will be involved in creating your body art and this will also have a bearing on the cost. If the tattoo is very complex it will take a lot longer than a less complicated design so you need to discuss this in advance with your tattoo artist as most will take several sessions to complete. Each session will last at least two hours and full sleeve tattoos for men may take over twenty hours spread over numerous sessions.

Some of the most popular designs are as follows: –

Celtic Sleeve tattoo – these make great looking designs with their intricate detail interwoven in detailed knots and lines.

Flame Sleeve Tattoo – This is a very flamboyant design which can be extended from the wrist to the shoulder and even down onto one side of the body.

Sleeve Tattoos For Men Japanese Designs – This is ideal for anyone who wants a detailed design as they can be extremely beautiful to look at and have individual symbolic meanings.

Tribal Tattoo Sleeve – these are a firm favorite as the bold dark lines ensure they stand out from a distance and they look great.

However, just because your favorite celebrity has a great tattoo, it is important to choose your own design with some unique symbolism that means something special to you. These sleeve tattoos for men are meant to help you stand out from the crowd so it is worth doing your own research to find one that is just right for you.

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