Like a good businessman considers the ideal market place for his latest venture, tattoo enthusiasts should think along the same lines when deciding where to position their latest tattoo. One of the hottest trends in the world of tattooing has to be shoulder tattoos for men so there are some great ideas and designs around if this is something you have been considering.

Shoulder Tattoos For MenOne of the reasons men choose this location is because of its prominent position plus it is a good sized area for the tattoo artist to apply his trade. However with shoulder tattoos for men, many choose to extend this onto the neck, upper back or arms especially if they have opted for a larger design. This is also a good area to commemorate a loved one with a memorial tattoo as you can keep that special person close to you at all times with their face, name or a symbol that represents them inked on your skin. Women find shoulder tattoos very attractive on guys especially if he has a toned or muscular physique that will be enhanced further by a quality cool inking. This is one reason why many men choose this location because they know the effect it will have on the opposite sex. A design placed in this area exudes power and strength, so if the guy sporting this tattoo has these personal traits then he will have adoring women falling at his feet!

While there are many designs that work well in this location some of the best ones include koi fish, dragons, tribal designs, crosses, and stars in both nautical and pentagram styles. Shoulder Tattoos For MenThere are many amazing images that will look good on the shoulders but if you want additional inspiration then go online and search through website galleries for further ideas to help you find the one for you. You may even want to consider customizing an existing design to make it more personal to you as an individual so if that appeals find a good tattooist to help.

Regardless of what style and design you choose, there is one further thing you will need to consider and that is looking after your tattoo once it is finished. With shoulder tattoos for men, you may need to take some extra care to ensure the color does not fade particularly during hotter months. Simply using sun block across the shoulders with a decent SPF will help reduce the risk of fading and keep your tattoo looking good for longer.

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