Tattoos in general have some significance to those who wear them and religious tattoos for men are no exception. Fortunately there are a multitude of religion related designs to choose from. Many with Irish heritage are attracted to Gaelic crosses and with its growing popularity; there are many designs available to choose from. However if you are getting this kind of tattoo which includes Gaelic script, it is important to get it translated before you proceed. This may mean putting some time into research for the design, its translation and a tattooist who has vast experience in Gaelic crosses.

Religious Tattoos For Men There are many who want a tattoo that represents their spirituality rather than their culture. There is a design that features praying hands with a cross and this is associated more with religious beliefs as are the rosary and Jesus fish tattoos which are also used for those with other faiths. The latter integrates one of the oldest symbols in Christianity, the fish. There are records of this symbol in the Christian faith dating back centuries while there is no specific reason it is used in this manner the familiar Bible story of the loves and fishes multiplying is a possibility. Regardless of its origins, there are many stories and links to what has become a modern symbol of Christianity that many can relate to. There are many different versions of the Jesus fish tattoo with designs in differing styles so it is not surprising this is one of the most sought after religious tattoos for men.

On the other hand the praying hands with cross design is a rather interesting concept as it combines two separate religious symbols and unites them to make one. Some of the differing interpretations of this tattoo are pretty impressive too not least because drawing human hands in ink is very difficult indeed. If you are considering one then it is essential that your tattooist shows you examples of previous work to prove that he is skilful enough to do justice to this design.  These tattoos can involve intricate detailing or very simple as per you preference. Both women and men wear rosary tattoo designs and these usually have strong religious connotations. Religious Tattoos For Men In real life rosaries are used by Roman Catholics around the world to keep track of how often a prayer is said and these designs often appear in a necklace effect draped around the neck.

Tattoos with religious overtones are sought after for many reasons but one of the main factors is that it is a very versatile design that can be customized to work for many differing religions. It is also very easy to interpret the symbolism behind the design and it can also be personalized to make it more unique to the individual by adding a name – your own or a loved one – as well as incorporating another religious image.  Many religious people like to wear tattoos with biblical symbolism as a statement of their beliefs and attitudes however there are a few who consider the very idea blasphemous. However this is entirely up to the individual’s beliefs whether they use a tattoo as a visual aid to share their faith with others or regard it as an offensive act that goes against everything they believe in. Whatever your beliefs, religious tattoos for men should be worn with pride and represent ideals that are important to you.

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