There is one design that is extremely popular due to its magnificent imagery, which not only looks great but has some wonderful symbolism behind it too. I am talking about phoenix tattoos for men and there are five main types of design that are much sought after in this category. Let’s take a look at this phenomenon in more detail to find out what lies behind the meaning and the different styles of design available.

Phoenix Tattoos For MenThis mythological bird has long been held in reverence by many cultures all over the world including ancient Japan and China as well as might civilizations like the Greek and Roman Empires. It is first and foremost a powerful symbol of rebirth and is often depicted as rising from flames as mythology claims this bird rose from the ashes and returned to life. However, there are many designs available including the tribal version which is one of the most popular phoenix tattoos for men. These are generally symmetrical designs that feature the bird with a small head, long tail and wings spread which looks great placed on the lower or upper back area. This is intricately designed to accentuate the lines in its distinctive shape but it is more abstract in style than other more obvious designs of this tattoo.

In Japan the phoenix represents immortality although it was not as common in Japanese mythology as in other parts of the world. However, this version of the phoenix is easily recognized due to the broad spectrum of rich colors – particularly fiery shades – used in a very detailed design with very little skin visible through it.  Phoenix Tattoos For MenMost tattooists will create their own version of a Japanese phoenix which is distinctive by its coloring rather than by any specific design.

If you are looking at small phoenix tattoos for men, then the tribal version works well on its own. This is also perfect if you are looking for a more subtle design that can be placed more discretely on your skin in locations like the lower back, hip, foot, neck or even behind the ear. While these designs are suitable for both men and women the areas both sexes choose for this tattoo tend to be very different. Men like theirs to be displayed in a prominent position like the chest or upper arm while women opt for a more out the way place such as the ribs, hip or back. This is not what could be considered a “cute” design but it does look good on both men and women regardless.

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