The sound of a lion’s roar is a powerful sound that can strike awe and fear at the same time not to mention provoking positive images of courage, power and strength. This may be what make lion tattoos for men so popular as this might beast has been revered for centuries, not least as the King of the Jungle. Perhaps it is this royal symbolism that appeals to many men who wish to transmit this status in their choice of body art.

Lion Tattoos For MenMost guys considering such a design will go for an image that is realistic whether it is in a calm regal pose or in a more fearsome stance, such as roaring and baring its teeth. If you want your lion image to look as real as possible, you will require a skilled tattoo artist with the talent to do this design justice. Fortunately, lion tattoos for men can be created in any size, large or small; to fit your chosen body location and these can feature a full sized beast or just its head. However, this would be entirely down to your individual preference. If you would prefer a more simplistic image rather than a more detailed design these can look just as effective in a single color of ink although adding a few extra colors to enhance areas like the mouth or eyes can be visually stunning too.

Alternatively, for those who want a more elaborate design, how about a complex design showing the lion in its natural habitat with a backdrop of jungle or African plains to bring your tattoo to life. Not only will this enhance the original tattoo image but you may end up with a mini masterpiece that you will be proud of forever more. Creating a backdrop like this is certainly eye catching but it will also bring the overall design to life. However, if you are on a budget this may not be the ideal option as the size, colors and time involved in creating an intricate tattoo of this nature will all influence the price. Lion Tattoos For MenIf you have set your heart on this idea, it may be worth taking the time to save up the money rather than settling for a design that is less than what you originally planned.

Another reason that guys like this tattoo design is because it helps them convey those character traits that people associate with lions such as strength, power, grace and ferocity. If lion tattoos for men appeal to you for this reason then make sure you choose a design that can accurately project these characteristics and find an experience tattoo artist with the skills to do this justice. After all the lion is synonymous with high status and regal bearing so you will need to impose the same high standards if you want a tattoo of this nature.

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