There have been many trends in the tattooing world in the past thirty years a body art gradually became more main stream and eventually went completely global however there are certain styles that have stood the test of time and remain just as popular today. Nicely inked tribal tattooThese include the eternally popular tribal tattoos for men which has perhaps been the most favored male body art style requested in modern times as these are bold, masculine designs in dark ink colors that accentuate muscle and enhance the male physique. There is also something rather primal about this imagery which appeals to many guys as these offer connotations of strength, power and machismo like no other design around.

The tattooing industry has been over run with demand for designs emulating the artwork of far-away tribes like the Maori, Samoan and Polynesians as well as ancient civilizations like the Celts, Aztecs and Mayans. Not surprisingly, tribal tattoos for men are still at the forefront in the popularity stakes when it comes to male body art designs today and these are still as much in favor now as they ever were. The beauty of this particular style if that there are so many different types of artwork to choose from and many differing images, patterns and designs for each so even though it is a very commonly requested tattoo, it is still possible to find one that is more unique and individual to you.

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