There are a wide variety of different placement areas that are widely requested for body art in the 21st century, however there are some locations that are more favored than others particularly among guys, including designs for shoulder tattoos for men. Nice tribal design on guys shoulderThis is a popular place to have inked as it is suitable for smaller stand alone images but it is also ideal for those who want larger designs, extending onto other body parts such as the arm, chest or back. There are many popular tribal designs that are used for both however big cats like the jaguar or tiger are also in great demand for the latter as are elaborate and intricately detailed oriental images such as the koi fish or Asian dragon.

If you are considering body art designs for shoulder tattoos for men, then there are many images available that are suitable for this specific placement area. These include celestial imagery like the sun, moon and stars depicted in multi-colored ink designs or in a single dark ink emulating the popular tribal art style as well as old-school designs like the nautical star or fifties pin-up girl which have seen a revival in recent times. Birds of prey and other potent totem animals like the wolf, bear or buffalo are also favored by male tattoo fans who want to harness their powerful male attributes in their choice of body art design. However, if you want a design that is more unique, then how about using some exotic floral imagery for a masculine version of an old female favorite?

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