It seems to be of the utmost importance to many tattoo enthusiasts today, to choose a design with an image that is of strong individual significance to the individual whether this reflects their personal values, beliefs, interests, religion or culture. Viking tattoo designThe latter in particular has proved to be popular with quite a few individuals who want designs to express their heritage or ancestral roots and a Viking tattoo, while a more unusual choice certainly comes under this category. These may be favored by those of Nordic descent who now live far away from the land of their ancestors but who still want to harness this ancient history to make it part of their modern lives today.

There are many body art designs that have some cultural significance to the wearer, perhaps as a way for the individual to express their pride in their heritage or to forge a bond that highlights their ancestral roots. If your family descended from Scandinavia, then you may be interested in a Viking tattoo to connect you to your ancient Nordic ancestors and there are many interesting images used in designs of this kind. From Vikings and long boats to the mythical heroes and Gods depicted in Norse legends and folklore, there are many wonderful images that are perfect for transforming into body art designs today, for placement on a wide variety of different body parts and skin surfaces.

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