In days gone by, certain placement areas were considered to be taboo in the world of body art, in particular prominent locations with high visibility like the face, hands and neck. Designs in these areas carried a certain stigma about them and neck tattoos, particularly those featuring crude spider web imagery inked in this area were associated with ex-cons and those involved in gangs or criminal activity. Very cool neck tattoo of tribal sun symbolFortunately, things have changed considerably in the past few decades and this is now a very popular body part that is widely requested by men and women, and as a result most of the artistic designs used today are tasteful, classy and cool.

There are certain body parts that have gained a bad reputation in decades past when it comes to tattooing, having become associated with a certain element of society and thus viewed in a negative light accordingly. However, modern neck tattoos for men have risen beyond this notoriety and these designs are now one of the coolest placement areas in the industry today. As a result, designs for this location have improved considerably and spider web imagery which was widely associated with the criminal fraternity, have been replaced by cool tribal artwork, iconic religious images and trendy text designs. These can be placed on the nape of the neck, behind the ear and to the side of the neck as well as in a central front location if required.

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