There is some beautiful artwork involved in many religious themed body art designs including those used for a Jesus tattoo. These are often very large tattoos covering a wide surface of skin like the back and while some feature a full bodied Christ being crucified on the cross others simply show his head and shoulders. Jesus tattoo on guys backThe detail of the facial features and expressions are often extremely realistic, with some resembling photographic imagery rather than sketches. These often show Jesus with a crown of thorns around his head with tears of blood running down his face from where the thorns have penetrated the skin and with his face pained in agony.

There are many body art enthusiasts who are devoutly religious and opt to express this through their choice of tattoo and among the most popular designs for Christians and Catholics in particular, are those for a Jesus tattoo. While some depictions show Him during the crucifixion stage others are more benign in nature and feature a bearded, robed figure with arms outstretched wearing a beautified expression. His head is often surrounded by a halo of light and additional characters such as children or animals may be kneeling adoringly at his feet. Of course, elaborate designs of this kind are predominantly suited to larger body parts so if this idea appeals to you it is important to ensure that it can be scaled to suit your chosen skin surface.

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