Despite only offering a small surface of skin in comparison to the rest of the body, the wrist and hands actually offer a variety of different options and placement areas for those considering body art in these locations. In the past five years there has been a significant rise in demand for wrist tattoos in particular despite the prominent and highly visual location of this appendage. Nicely designed wrist tattooMany opting for these designs will have their chosen image placed on the inside of the wrist where it is less conspicuous rather than the upper side, however even there it could be disguised with relative ease using jewelry such as wrist bands, bracelets and bangles.

Female body art fans in particular seem to feel the allure of wrist tattoos but these are not unheard of for their male counterparts either although the styles and images used for each will vary considerably. The bracelet effect has proved immensely popular in recent times and this involves having a design inked around the entire appendage – like a permanent accessory – and these come in many forms. Floral leaf and vine designs, often adorned with additional imagery like bees and butterflies are greatly favored by women as are designs emulating charm bracelets. Men however tend to opt for more masculine imagery such as tribal artwork, barbed wire or flames when selecting designs of this kind.

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