The typical male tattoo enthusiast seems to be drawn to images and designs that enhance his masculinity and this includes many used for upper arm tattoos for men. There are even tribal pieces designed for this area that accentuate the muscle including the popular arm band style. Skulls upper arm tattoo on dudeIf this particular design appeals to you then you may be interested to know that there is some superstition within the tattoo industry, in relation to these. Take a closer look at anyone who is sporting such a tattoo and you will see that the design has not been inked to encompass the arm in full as there should always be a small gap between one end and the other as it is deemed unlucky for these to be completely joined.

While tribal artwork continues to be one of the most widely requested body art designs in the modern world of tattooing there are a multitude of other popular designs that are greatly favoured for the likes of upper arm tattoo ideas for men. These include intensive half sleeve designs that run from shoulder to elbow and cover most of the skin surface in ink detail, oriental imagery like the Chinese dragon and koi fish as well as Japanese Kanji and Geisha girls alongside old school designs like the pin-up girl or nautical star. The latter have seen a revival in recent years and while they retain that old-fashioned style synonymous with the fifties in particular, the ink quality and standard of artistic skill involved has certainly made a difference to these modern designs.

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