In recent years, body art placed on the hand and wrist areas have been immensely popular with female tattoo fans but not so much with the guys, perhaps due to the past associations of these designs, when they were often sported by street gang members. Super cool hand tattooNow however, things are definitely changing and hand tattoos for men seem to be on the increase as more and more guys are opting for body art placed on this appendage. The most popular placement areas seem to be on the inner side, at the base of the thumb rather than on the palm or back of the hand, in predominantly small designs as this is not a very large surface of skin for anything more elaborate.

Despite the previous incantations of certain body art designs, modern tattooing seems to have bypassed much of the stigma associated with most of these placement areas which included hand tattoo ideas for men. In the past, dots and lines inked on the hand indicated that the individual had criminal connections but this si no longer the case as tattoo fans from all walks of life are being inked here. Among the most popular designs are those featuring the star – as a single image or in clusters of shooting stars – as well as religious icons like the Latin cross and praying hands or tribal symbols, derived from the artwork of ancient civilisations like the Celts.

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