If you are interested in body art, then you may be aware that nowadays, the placement area for your chosen design is almost as important as the image itself. Among the most popular designs today are cross tattoos for men, which are suitable for a variety of different body parts however the chest, back and arms are perhaps the most favored. Quite a daring cross tattoo for a guyThe bicep and forearm in particular are widely requested especially for tribal cross images such as the Celtic cross, but this can be scaled to suit different sized skin surfaces depending on whether you want a small, medium or large tattoo. There are even very large designs of this kind that can be inked to fit the whole back.

There are many iconic religious images used in body art designs today and not just by those who want a tattoo that represents their faith and beliefs. However, among the most commonly requested images of this kind are those used for cross tattoos for men which have proved immensely popular for decades. These include traditional Latin cross or crucifix designs as well as the more spiritual Celtic cross and the style ranges from simplistic, very basic imagery to more elaborate and intricately detailed crosses. Some individuals may even with additional embellishments like flowers, wings or text such as letters, a name or word, added to the overall design if required.

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