There are many popular male body art designs for one of the most popular placement areas, the back, however those created for upper back tattoos for men in particular seem to be among the most favoured. These include eternally popular tribal artwork pieces in distinctive patters or depicting natural elements like birds and animals in a more abstract form. Interesting upper back tattoo on dudeThe eagle, hawk and legendary firebird, the phoenix, are all in wide demand for this area, placed in a central position just below the neck and with the wings extending out towards the left and right sides. Horizontal written designs using text lettering instead of picture images are also idea for this area.

If you are interested in medium to large body art designs then the back is one of the best locations as it provides a reasonable space that is relatively flat for the tattooist to work on. Designs for upper back tattoos for guys often start at the nape of the neck and reaching outward horizontally, although there are also some vertical designs of this kind that can be inked down and around the spine. There are also images that can be placed on one side or the other and Asian dragons, big cats and religious icons like the crucifix or Celtic cross are another favourite as are symbolic angel wings inked on or around the shoulder blades.

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