There are a great many popular religious icons that are widely used in body art designs today and the Latin cross is definitely one of the most favored, especially among those who are seeking more simplistic cross tattoos for men. Cross tattoo of ChristMany individuals who opt for this style of body art do not want an ostentatious design to express their faith and prefer to pay homage to their Christian beliefs in a fitting manner by using a more basic and humble image. These are popular for placement on smaller skin surfaces, in particular appendages like the wrist or hand however the chest – close to the vicinity of the heart – is another favorite for obvious reasons.

The iconic and universally recognized symbol of the cross has proved to be a popular choice for use in body art designs and these cross tattoos can be depicted in a variety of differing ways. From the basic Latin cross illustrated in a very simplistic style to more elaborate medieval style crosses with more ostentatious embellishments to gothic or even tribal style designs, these definitely offer something to suit all tastes and purposes. One of the most popular designs emulating the style of ancient civilizations and tribes, such as the Celts is of course the beautiful and perhaps more spiritual Celtic cross which is deemed to pre-date even the Latin cross.

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