There are many popular trends in the tattooing world that have come and gone over the years and while some have passed much quicker than others there are other fads that continue to grow in popularity with no sign of going out of favor. Italian tattoo of map of ItalyOne of the latest styles has seen traditional pictorial images replaced with text such as letters or words and this is ideal for those seeking cool designs in Italian tattoos for men, as those inked in a foreign language or script offer extra kudos.

These can be inked in block letters or an elaborate written-style font and often involve words or a phrase of personal significance to the individual, however make sure you have an Italian dictionary to hand to check the spelling or translation is correct or your cool tattoo will look ridiculous instead.

In recent years there has been a rise in demand for cultural-themed body art, especially among those who are living far away from their country of birth as well as individuals who wish to pay homage to their ancestral roots and heritage. These can take a variety of differing formats with some offering very obvious connotations and others with more subtle undertones however most Italian tattoos for men are easy to recognize not least because they often contain the three distinct colors of Italy’s national flag which are of course red, white and green. This particular color scheme can be applied to a number of different images including the distinctive shape of this Mediterranean country and some of its famous landmarks.

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