The mighty dragon has proved to be a firm favorite when it comes to images widely used in body art designs today and the oriental-styled variety in particular is immensely popular. However, if you are considering dragon tattoos for men using one of the many Asian versions of this legendary creature, there are some subtle differences between the Chinese and Japanese designs that you may want to be aware of. Dragon tattoo on dudes forearmIn China their dragons have five toes while in Japan, they only have three. Indonesian and Korean dragons have four so this is an alternative option if you want to avoid the more common depictions of this highly popular image.

One of the most potent and masculine images used in body art designs for men has to be the mighty, mythical fire-breathing dragon which has been the subject of legends and folklore in both eastern and western cultures. In the west, those of Welsh heritage may be attracted to dragon tattoos for men as the Red Dragon is one of the most recognizable images associated with Wales and its heritage while those with an interest in the Far East may prefer an oriental dragon design which tend to be depicted in dark monochrome ink or vibrant multi-colored designs. This image is also commonly depicted in the style of ancient tribal artwork too.

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