Floral body art designs were predominantly favored by female fans until recent times, when exotic and tropical blooms have seen a rise in popularity among both men and women. Prior to this, the only male design featuring a flower tended to be rose tattoos for men which have been popular with men for hundred of years when sailors first returned from South Pacific regions bringing the art of tattooing to the rest of the world. Rose tattoo on man's upper armIn modern society, this has proved to be a popular image for men who want to express their love for a partner, parent or child and these are widely used in memorial-style tattoos as a symbol of the wearer’s eternal love for the individual represented in the design.

There are many popular floral designs that are widely requested in modern body art however traditional flowers with their classic beauty and timeless elegance have remained in favor despite competion from more exotic varieties in recent years. In this respect rose tattoos for men are as popular as they have ever been, not least because of the differing styles and designs available today, which make them a very versatile and multi-faceted image. From natural depictions featuring the archetypal red rose to more abstract designs emulating the style of tribal artwork used by civilizations around the world for millennia, there are many ways to make this popular image more unique and individual to you personally.

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