There are many popular placement areas that are widely requested for male body art designs but aside from the arms, chest tattoos for men are definitely one of their favorites. These come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from designs that cover the whole chest area to smaller images for more specific placement and close to the heart in particular seem to be in huge demand especially for memorial or religious themed tats as well as those dedicated to a significant other. Nicely designed lotus tattoo on guys chestPopular stand alone images used for body art of this kind include symbolic flowers such as the rose or lily and of course designs featuring heart shaped images .

In recent years, more and more body art designs are becoming available for trendy written tattoos, which replace the more traditionally used picture images with words or text of some kind, often illustrated in an elaborate font style or writing. These have proved to be immensely popular for chest tattoos for men in horizontal designs that extend from one side of the chest to the other, in a straight or a semi-circle generally just beneath underneath the neck line. If the lettering used is depicted in a foreign language like Latin, Spanish or French then this will add even more kudos to the design and there are also tats like this that can be inked in ancient script such as Hebrew or Sanskrit too.

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