Most of us select our body art designs for purely personal reasons whether these are aesthetic or for more meaningful purposes as this makes our chosen design more unique to us as individuals. In this regard, Irish tattoos for men have proved immensely popular with those who want their body art to reflect their cultural heritage and there is a great deal of choice in designs of this kind today. From lucky leprechauns and green shamrocks to harps and pints of Guinness, there are designs to suit everyone whether you want a lighter hearted image to express your sense of humor or those featuring symbolic Celtic artwork for those who prefer deeper and more meaningful imagery.

Irish folk are living all over the globe nowadays. Gone are the days of a “big” world! In almost all westernized countries you will find an “Irish” town where all the lads will hang out and enjoy each other’s Irish company. Well – along with this great comradeship comes a definite yearning of one’s heritage, and what better way to show off ones forefather rights than sporting a great tattoo that proudly represents your cultural background. As well as that, Irish tattoos are deemed for their luck powers. A shamrock tattoo will do just fine in that department. But many are the choices, and all giving a wonderful Celtic flare to being of proud Irish decent.

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