Male tattoo enthusiasts have long been drawn to designs for placement on prominent areas that they can display easily with masculine pride and forearm tattoos for men certainly come into this category. There are many different designs for this area including hardcore half sleeves which extend from the elbow to the wrist, covering almost the entire skin surface around the lower arm in intricately detailed images. forearm tattoos for a manTrendy text designs are also popular for this area in a variety of different languages and script styles but old-school designs are now just as popular as these have seen a revival in recent years. Favourites of this kind include designs featuring the traditional nautical star and the fifties pin-up girl.

There are many popular placement areas that have risen I demand due to the endorsement of celebrities as their fans opt to emulate their idol though their choice of body art. The likes of sportsman David Beckham and Rapper Eminem both have trendy written forearm tattoos for a man which are particularly popular at present. However while the lettering on Beckham’s design is more detailed and involves much longer text in elaborate Hebrew script, Eminem’s design consists of one word, Proof, in a large block font lettering style surrounding by an abstract flame-like pattern. Rocker Joel Madden has a selection of picture images inked on his forearms that also extend up onto the bicep area too.

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