While the abstract artwork of ancient tribal civilisations like the Polynesians, Maoris and Samoan’s continue to be popular for larger male body art designs, there are some cool tribal back tattoos for men that use recognisable images transformed to emulate this style. Great tribal tattoo on dudes backThese include some wonderful big cat imagery such as the tiger, jaguar or panther in dark monochrome or simplistic black and white designs as well as more elaborate oriental dragon images that cover almost the entire back which make a potent visual impact. Iconic religious imagery like the Celtic Cross is another popular design that works well in the tribal style, perhaps embellished with additional adornments such as wings, flames or even floral images.

The distinctive artwork of tribal body art is universally recognised thanks to the phenomenal demand for these designs in the past quarter of a century or more and this demand shows no sign of ceasing any time soon. If anything, these designs continue to get bigger and bolder, and are widely requested for larger skin surfaces with the likes of tribal back tattoos for men very much in favour. These range considerably from the geometric patterns used in Hawaiian tribal designs to the eternally popular sweeping swirls and spirals associated with New Zealand’s Maori tribes people, as well as the infinite knots and key work used for Celtic tribal pieces.

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