Male body art designs tend to use potent masculine images that evoke connotations of strength, power, courage and ferocity but there are also some more abstract designs that enhance muscle and accentuate the physique that are popular for arm tattoos for men. Mens arm tattoo with flower and tribal mixThese include designs featuring the artwork of ancient tribes and civilizations like the Maoris, Samoan and Hawaiian native art which continue to be immensely popular alongside powerful totem animals such as big cats and birds of prey. Aside from their symbolic value these designs offer additional kudos thanks to their aesthetic appeal as they often extend down or wrap around the arm for a more three dimensional effect.

Since body art first came to prominence in the West, there has been a continuous demand for Oriental themed imagery like the Asian dragon, koi fish, samurai warrior and geisha girl particularly in lateral designs for arm tattoos for men. These are often incorporated with additional imagery associated with the Far east, its culture and philosophies such as Japanese Kanji, Chinese characters and symbolic blooms like the cherry blossom or lotus flower. These look amazing as small, medium and large designs inked on a strategic position or covering the majority of the skin surface on the upper, lower or entire arm, often in a mixture of black and contrasting brightly colored ink combinations.

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