Birds are a potent symbol for freedom and flight that reminds us how it feels to be flying high as we experience the joys of life however black birds in particular offer much darker symbolism when it comes to body art designs. Crow tattoo on a guys armThe crow tattoo is often deemed to be rather dark and sinister in this respect however it actually offers many positive connotations according to Native American beliefs. This sacred bird is deemed to be a guardian, responsible for keeping laws and upholding ancient traditions so in this respect it is also a symbol of wisdom and magic that can also be considered an indication of good luck and fortune.

Some animal images offer contrasting symbolism when they are used in body art designs however, while birds are generally a positive omen; those with black plumage have gathered a darker reputation throughout the ages. A crow tattoo is a prime example but the number of crows in the design can alter its symbolism considerably. A single crow is deemed to be a bad omen whereas a pair represents joy and happiness, three represents a union such as a wedding and four signifies a birth. If you want an affluent body art symbol of this kind then you may want to consider using five crows in your design as this is a sign of great riches and good fortune but avoid ten crows as this is a sign of sorrow.

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