In days gone by, tribal tattoos were used by ancient civilizations to mark important landmark’s in an individual’s life from puberty to old age however much of this artwork continues to be emulated in the modern world of tattooing. Among the most popular designs are those used for tribal arm tattoos for men which come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles, predominantly in dark monochrome ink patterns. Nice tribal arm tattoo on this dudeFrom the swirling spiral shapes influenced by New Zealand’s Maoris to the more symmetrical abstract designs used in Hawaiian and Samoan body art, these have proved to be one of the most popular types of tattoo ever, in the history of this burgeoning industry.

Tribal artwork is widely requested within the tattooing industry so there are an abundance of designs available for both male and female aficionados, however tribal arm tattoos for men continue to be among the most favored designs of this kind. These can be depicted in a variety of different styles whether you want a more subtle arm-band design encompassing your bicep or one of the more hardcore sleeve designs which cover almost the entire surface of the skin in ink patterns. These are available as a half sleeve running from the elbow upwards or down to the wrist as well as offering designs that cover the whole arm from shoulder to wrist too.

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