In the second decade of the 21st century, body art designs are becoming bigger and bolder than ever before with more and more individual opting for elaborate pieces that cover wide surfaces of skin such as back tattoos for men. These include the much sought after tribal artwork style emulating the designs of ancient tribes and civilisations around the globe such as the Maoris, Polynesian, Samoan and Hawaiian tribes people. Nice back tattoos for a manThere has also been a rise in demand for faith themed designs featuring iconic religious imagery like the crucifixion, Jesus and life sized angel wings, inked in intricate detail from the shoulder blade area to the base of the spine in life-sized images that look incredibly realistic.

There are a variety of different placement areas that can be used for back tattoos for a man whether the individual wants a design that covers the entire surface from top to bottom, and side to side or prefers a more strategically placed image. For the latter some may opt for a stand alone image inked on the upper left or right side, close to the shoulder blade or a horizontal one tattooed at the nape of the neck on the top centre section of the back. There are also vertical designs that run down the length of the back that can be placed on the wearer’s side of choice or even running directly down the spine although this will hurt considerably as it is close to the bone.

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