Many guys who want to get tattooed, like to choose a location where the design can be easily displayed and hand tattoos for men definitely fit this criteria. Apart from the face and neck, then hands are definitely one of the most prominent body parts  so they are constantly visible. This is certainly a very bold way to make a public statement about one’s personality or character traits.

Hand Tattoos For MenThis particular design however, is not very popular with some employers as it certainly has extra visibility in comparison to other designs that are easier to cover up if required. If the design also has what your employer considers being an offensive or inappropriate them then hand tattoos for men could definitely lose a guy his job. Therefore, if you work in a more formal environment you may wish to factor this into your choice of design and the area you want it placed.

The hand is also one of the more difficult areas for a tattooist to work due to the uneven skin surface which also affects the maintenance of your tattoo after the process is complete. During the healing process it is wise to avoid any substances that could wear the ink off the tattoo as well as avoiding getting it wet for any length of time. Hand Tattoos For MenWearing gloves will not assist with the latter either, as the fabric could also rub the tattoo and damage the design. There are also areas of the hand that may need the tattoo touching up more than others such as the palm of the hand so the top is often the preferred choice for this reason.

Girls have also been getting more tattoos on their hands due to the popularity of designs sported by celebrities or the influence of popular cultures however hand tattoos for men definitely have much more masculine themes. They are also more likely to try out a non permanent henna design first. However, at the end of the day as long as the individual is happy with their choice of design then that is all that matters, whoever they are, male or female, celebrity or street gang member.

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