The rise in popularity of forearm tattoos for men is still ongoing. While they used to be restricted to the blue collar workers in society, now more office workers are sporting them too. In previous years, there was a stigma associated with this type of tattoo which made them inappropriate for those in some professions but fortunately this prejudice is long gone. Forearm Tattoos For MenIf considering such a design, then there are three main types that we will look at in more detail to assist you in deciding which design is going to be best for you.

One of the most popular designs with men is tribal designs and this looks great on the forearm. It is ideal as a first time tattoo, perhaps as a black tribal pattern inked on the underside of the forearm and the Polynesian tribal tattoo is one of the most common choice for many. However, guys today are becoming much more resourceful when deciding where they want their tattoo placed and it is no longer just forearm tattoos for men that are in trend. As well as the top and underside, many now want it on the side instead so that it is on display from all angles.

Forearm Tattoos For MenText and writing are also becoming more fashionable choices in tattoo designs and an anagram is one that works extremely well as it can be read the same regardless of the direction you are reading it. As the forearm is constantly flexible in its position, this looks great on this particular body part. If considering a tattoo on a more rigid spot on the body, give serious thought to the direction you want it to read. Lengthways will only be read the right way up by those looking straight at you when your arms are resting on a table and you may prefer for it to be the right way round so you can read it. Another option would be to have it going across the short width of your arm, although the writing will need to be much smaller in this instance.

Not every guy wants the full forearm covered with his tattoo and some may prefer a smaller symbol or design instead. While some may consider them somewhat feminine, a star design could be a viable option for forearm tattoos for men. However, be wary of getting anything too small as some designs are not suited to this area and will look rather lost.

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