It is not just damsels in distress who want a dragon around as more and more guys are being drawn to dragon tattoos for men.  Tattoos have long since been seen as a fashion statement from our distant ancestors right through the generations. From the ancient Greeks and mighty gladiators who bore the mark of a tattoo as a status symbol to the current trend taking shape for body art, tattoo mania is taking over. In recent years this has become a popular trend with many youngsters however the male community in general has had a stronghold on tattooing and may be considered pioneers in this modern art form. Dragon Tattoos For Men While it is now a fashion statement adopted by both men and women, it is the males who have led the way.

As a result of its rising popularity, the market has been flooded with an abundance of  designs in a vast number of shapes and sizes. For the male community though, these tattoos tend to convey a strong message of masculinity in amazing snappy shapes and colors and the deeper the meaning, the stronger the image presented. However, trends are constantly changing and this one is no different.

Many see a tattoo as a method of expressing one’s personality and character traits, morals and beliefs through a variety of beautiful images and symbols so it is not surprising perhaps that the dragon has become one of the most common pictures used in many prominent tattoos. Of all the mythical creatures, the dragon stands out in the legends of many cultures and is universally recognized as a symbol of power and wonder. It actually represents the four main elements  and points of the compass symbolizing earth, water, sky and under land. In both eastern and western civilizations it has long since been an old enemy that needs to be battled as the ultimate test to overcome adversary. In modern times, many people choose to have a dragon inked onto their bodies as it is a large area and the perfect canvas for displaying dragon tattoos for men.

Dragon Tattoos For Men Men in general however seem to prefer tattoos on their shoulder or backs too while females for the lower back or belly instead. As the dragon is a powerful symbol, this is what draws men to it and tattoos are usually large to show the power and huge size of this legendary beast, in great detail and vivid colors. These are available in many different styles and blue and red are popular inks used. However fire dragons in particular are popular with men so these designs are often breathing fire although other variations including the water dragon, fire-spitting dragon and powerful dragon depicted in dinosaur form are all popular choices too. It is the dragon’s portrayal of power, strength and influence that attract many men and there is also an element of anger to this creature which can be depicted in some cases. These dragon designs symbolize power, energy, immense size and masculinity in abundance so it is not surprising that dragon tattoos for men are still as popular as ever despite being one of the oldest designs around.

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