There used to be a great deal of stigma attached to Christian tattoos for men and this art is still controversial in some faiths, who believe it goes against the bible. The book of Leviticus proclaims that “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD” and some still obey this rule today. However, some biblical scholars suggest this was referring to a pagan practice at that time where images of their idols were carved on the bodies of the deceased before burial. This was believed to be an act of atonement for the living and the dead. This notion from the old testament has long since passed and modern Christians often have tattoos as a public display of their faith. The new testament has not such restrictions and many younger Christians embrace this art form to express their faith.

Christian Tattoos For MenPopular icons used in Christian tattoos for men include images of Jesus himself, the Virgin Mary, praying hands, the sacred heart, chalices, angles, the apostles and even the Holy Spirit. These have all been used to great effect over the years to make really visually stunning tattoo designs. However, the most popular image used in such tattoos is not surprisingly the cross which is the universally recognized symbol of this faith and there are many striking designs of this nature around too. These can be very simplistic images or very elaborate detailed works of art incorporating various other related images too. This could be a very simple cross with a detailed realistic wood grain effect, a cross showing the figure of Jesus or adorned with thorns, nails, spikes or even flames in some designs. Even butterflies are incorporated into some designs as these are symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus and the rebirth of sinners which make very beautiful tattoo designs.

Many Christians also opt to add a patriotic element to these images such as their country’s national flag and this is a favorite with those in the US’s Bible Belt. using the Stars and Stripes as a background for the cross. In fact some Christian cross designs originated from the early evangelistic movement in the USA as early Christians often adapted a cultural symbol used by those they were trying to convert. For example, when St Patrick came to Ireland he came across Druidic stones carved with a circular design depicting their Moon Goddess. He bisected this circle with a cross and thus the Celtic Cross, one of the most distinctive and beautifully designed crosses ever created, was born.

Christian Tattoos For MenToday, one of the most commonly requested Christian tattoos for men is still the Celtic cross but it is also popular with other denominations and chosen for those with spiritual beliefs too. The ancient Celts believed that all souls were threads linked to a divine fabric to which they would return upon their deaths. These threads are represented by intricate knots plaited together and mixed with other symbols from both the spiritual and natural world. From leaves and animal figures, to key shapes and spirals, many of these elaborate designs originate from the pages of Scripture decorated by monks from centuries past which have been borrowed and copied over the years. Whatever design you choose for your Christian body art, it should be an image that appeals to you and allows you to celebrate your faith and express your beliefs with pride.

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