While it may not glitter like jewellery or let you change it every day like a cap or belt, a tattoo has got to be one of the best accessories a guy can wear. This oozes strength and manliness in abundance but also makes a statement about what you believe in as well as who you are. In particular, chest tattoos for men are a fantastic accessory and your chosen design needs to include pictures or symbols that reflect your character. Chest Tattoos For MenSo why opt for a tattoo on your chest? It is in fact the ideal canvas for any good tattoo artist to create his masterpiece as there is plenty of area there for him to work freely without any concerns about lack of space. Another advantage with the chest area is that it is not on display regularly and a tattoo there can be as large as you like as well as being as elaborate as you want. Additionally, it can be covered or shown off as you please.

Many male tattoo fans like chest tattoos for men because of the way they enhance their pecs, defining muscle and shape, making the body much more interesting to behold. It may hurt slightly but the extra sex appeal will more than compensate for any pain. Chest tattoos for men often involve a name or symbol representing a special person, particularly if it is engraved near the heart.

The most commonly sought designs for the chest include cross and heart tattoos due to their significant meaning. Having a girl’s name or her portrait tattooed on their chest symbolizes a guy’s love for her while a heart crowned with thorns may indicate a less romantic individual, who has rejected love. Animal tattoos however, represent strength and power particularly fierce creatures. In ancient mythology, scorpions were feared by men and the gods and nowadays it is associated with protection. Chest Tattoos For MenA strong individual may opt for a dragon, lion, tiger or panther to depict his personality. Despite the fact that tattoos are rarely seen in Japan, many of the full body tattoos – horimos – originated from the Yakuza, which is the Japanese mob. While horimos cover most of the chest, it stands out because it never covers the chest’s centre. Men can therefore still unbutton their shirts without the tattoo being visible and this concept has been adapted by many due to its distinctive design and interesting origins.

While there are many chest tattoos for men that are clearly quite remarkable something memorable could lift the design to a higher level than simple male accessory, particularly if it has a profoundly personal significance to the wearer. This could represent his beliefs or emotions and even release him from negative feelings, bad memories or a deep held anger. Some even choose to have a permanent reminder of an unforgettable experience engraved on their skin as body art.

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