One of the most attractive and interesting tattoos that is popular with both sexes in the Celtic design. Many of these symbols have risen in popularity and Celtic tattoos for men are now almost limitless when it comes to using them in original ways to suit your desired style. There is something very cool in these simplistic designs that can be made into some beautiful images to create a unique piece of artwork. The Celtic knotwork is one of the most common symbols used as a base for many designs. Celtic Tattoos For Men These symbolize infinity and intertwine in continuous spiral patterns and look great on their own or as part of a larger design like the Celtic cross. It can also be used as a border or incorporated into other style of designs.

The Celtic cross is extremely popular in tattooing as they can be used to symbolize Christianity but also have deeper more spiritual meaning too. This Celtic version actually came before the more well known Christian cross. Its horizontal and vertical lines are the same length and signify balance between opposing forces, hence why it is also called the equal-armed cross. Spirals also work effectively in Celtic tattoos for men, and the triskelle type, which originated in the British Isles thousands of years ago, actually predates the Celts. Its interesting tribal design is what makes it ideal for a distinctive tattoo.

Other popular Celtic designs are animal images, also referred to as zoomorphic. While any animal can be utilized in this Celtic style, the most commonly used ones tend to be lions, serpents, dragons and birds. If you would like to know more about traditional Celtic animal art, the medieval Book of Kells is a good source with many examples of this art form. Indeed, many of these modern Celtic tattoo designs have been lifted from here. Celtic Tattoos For Men Rich colours work well in Celtic tattoos and anything from traditional Irish green, to red, blue and any other color combinations imaginable. A brightly colored Celtic knotwork on the arm or other body parts is particularly striking.

It is interesting to note that there are some questions with regards to the authenticity of Celtic tattoos for men, as there is no actual evidence that the ancient Celts even sported tattoos. However, they did paint themselves in preparation for battle in a similar manner to other tribes such as those in the South Pacific used permanent tattoos to decorate their bodies. Unfortunately, no one can say for certain if the Celts did or not. This aside, it does not alter the fact that these symbols used in modern day tattoos originated from those traditionally used in Celtic lands. While we may be using them in different ways in our modern society, this may simply be down to the evolution of cultures and practices across the centuries and be deemed a natural progression. There are many books and websites with details and information about Celtic artwork and many tattoo parlors will also have many examples to help you make your decision with regards to your individual tattoo design.

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