There is some beautiful artwork involved in many religious themed body art designs including those used for a Jesus tattoo. These are often very large tattoos covering a wide surface of skin like the back and while some feature a full bodied Christ being crucified on the cross others simply show his head and shoulders. Jesus tattoo on guys backThe detail of the facial features and expressions are often extremely realistic, with some resembling photographic imagery rather than sketches. These often show Jesus with a crown of thorns around his head with tears of blood running down his face from where the thorns have penetrated the skin and with his face pained in agony.

There are many body art enthusiasts who are devoutly religious and opt to express this through their choice of tattoo and among the most popular designs for Christians and Catholics in particular, are those for a Jesus tattoo. While some depictions show Him during the crucifixion stage others are more benign in nature and feature a bearded, robed figure with arms outstretched wearing a beautified expression. His head is often surrounded by a halo of light and additional characters such as children or animals may be kneeling adoringly at his feet. Of course, elaborate designs of this kind are predominantly suited to larger body parts so if this idea appeals to you it is important to ensure that it can be scaled to suit your chosen skin surface.

Birds are a potent symbol for freedom and flight that reminds us how it feels to be flying high as we experience the joys of life however black birds in particular offer much darker symbolism when it comes to body art designs. Crow tattoo on a guys armThe crow tattoo is often deemed to be rather dark and sinister in this respect however it actually offers many positive connotations according to Native American beliefs. This sacred bird is deemed to be a guardian, responsible for keeping laws and upholding ancient traditions so in this respect it is also a symbol of wisdom and magic that can also be considered an indication of good luck and fortune.

Some animal images offer contrasting symbolism when they are used in body art designs however, while birds are generally a positive omen; those with black plumage have gathered a darker reputation throughout the ages. A crow tattoo is a prime example but the number of crows in the design can alter its symbolism considerably. A single crow is deemed to be a bad omen whereas a pair represents joy and happiness, three represents a union such as a wedding and four signifies a birth. If you want an affluent body art symbol of this kind then you may want to consider using five crows in your design as this is a sign of great riches and good fortune but avoid ten crows as this is a sign of sorrow.

Despite only offering a small surface of skin in comparison to the rest of the body, the wrist and hands actually offer a variety of different options and placement areas for those considering body art in these locations. In the past five years there has been a significant rise in demand for wrist tattoos in particular despite the prominent and highly visual location of this appendage. Nicely designed wrist tattooMany opting for these designs will have their chosen image placed on the inside of the wrist where it is less conspicuous rather than the upper side, however even there it could be disguised with relative ease using jewelry such as wrist bands, bracelets and bangles.

Female body art fans in particular seem to feel the allure of wrist tattoos but these are not unheard of for their male counterparts either although the styles and images used for each will vary considerably. The bracelet effect has proved immensely popular in recent times and this involves having a design inked around the entire appendage – like a permanent accessory – and these come in many forms. Floral leaf and vine designs, often adorned with additional imagery like bees and butterflies are greatly favored by women as are designs emulating charm bracelets. Men however tend to opt for more masculine imagery such as tribal artwork, barbed wire or flames when selecting designs of this kind.

It seems to be of the utmost importance to many tattoo enthusiasts today, to choose a design with an image that is of strong individual significance to the individual whether this reflects their personal values, beliefs, interests, religion or culture. Viking tattoo designThe latter in particular has proved to be popular with quite a few individuals who want designs to express their heritage or ancestral roots and a Viking tattoo, while a more unusual choice certainly comes under this category. These may be favored by those of Nordic descent who now live far away from the land of their ancestors but who still want to harness this ancient history to make it part of their modern lives today.

There are many body art designs that have some cultural significance to the wearer, perhaps as a way for the individual to express their pride in their heritage or to forge a bond that highlights their ancestral roots. If your family descended from Scandinavia, then you may be interested in a Viking tattoo to connect you to your ancient Nordic ancestors and there are many interesting images used in designs of this kind. From Vikings and long boats to the mythical heroes and Gods depicted in Norse legends and folklore, there are many wonderful images that are perfect for transforming into body art designs today, for placement on a wide variety of different body parts and skin surfaces.

Male tattoo enthusiasts have long been drawn to designs for placement on prominent areas that they can display easily with masculine pride and forearm tattoos for men certainly come into this category. There are many different designs for this area including hardcore half sleeves which extend from the elbow to the wrist, covering almost the entire skin surface around the lower arm in intricately detailed images. forearm tattoos for a manTrendy text designs are also popular for this area in a variety of different languages and script styles but old-school designs are now just as popular as these have seen a revival in recent years. Favourites of this kind include designs featuring the traditional nautical star and the fifties pin-up girl.

There are many popular placement areas that have risen I demand due to the endorsement of celebrities as their fans opt to emulate their idol though their choice of body art. The likes of sportsman David Beckham and Rapper Eminem both have trendy written forearm tattoos for a man which are particularly popular at present. However while the lettering on Beckham’s design is more detailed and involves much longer text in elaborate Hebrew script, Eminem’s design consists of one word, Proof, in a large block font lettering style surrounding by an abstract flame-like pattern. Rocker Joel Madden has a selection of picture images inked on his forearms that also extend up onto the bicep area too.

In the second decade of the 21st century, body art designs are becoming bigger and bolder than ever before with more and more individual opting for elaborate pieces that cover wide surfaces of skin such as back tattoos for men. These include the much sought after tribal artwork style emulating the designs of ancient tribes and civilisations around the globe such as the Maoris, Polynesian, Samoan and Hawaiian tribes people. Nice back tattoos for a manThere has also been a rise in demand for faith themed designs featuring iconic religious imagery like the crucifixion, Jesus and life sized angel wings, inked in intricate detail from the shoulder blade area to the base of the spine in life-sized images that look incredibly realistic.

There are a variety of different placement areas that can be used for back tattoos for a man whether the individual wants a design that covers the entire surface from top to bottom, and side to side or prefers a more strategically placed image. For the latter some may opt for a stand alone image inked on the upper left or right side, close to the shoulder blade or a horizontal one tattooed at the nape of the neck on the top centre section of the back. There are also vertical designs that run down the length of the back that can be placed on the wearer’s side of choice or even running directly down the spine although this will hurt considerably as it is close to the bone.

In days gone by, tribal tattoos were used by ancient civilizations to mark important landmark’s in an individual’s life from puberty to old age however much of this artwork continues to be emulated in the modern world of tattooing. Among the most popular designs are those used for tribal arm tattoos for men which come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles, predominantly in dark monochrome ink patterns. Nice tribal arm tattoo on this dudeFrom the swirling spiral shapes influenced by New Zealand’s Maoris to the more symmetrical abstract designs used in Hawaiian and Samoan body art, these have proved to be one of the most popular types of tattoo ever, in the history of this burgeoning industry.

Tribal artwork is widely requested within the tattooing industry so there are an abundance of designs available for both male and female aficionados, however tribal arm tattoos for men continue to be among the most favored designs of this kind. These can be depicted in a variety of different styles whether you want a more subtle arm-band design encompassing your bicep or one of the more hardcore sleeve designs which cover almost the entire surface of the skin in ink patterns. These are available as a half sleeve running from the elbow upwards or down to the wrist as well as offering designs that cover the whole arm from shoulder to wrist too.

There are a great many popular religious icons that are widely used in body art designs today and the Latin cross is definitely one of the most favored, especially among those who are seeking more simplistic cross tattoos for men. Cross tattoo of ChristMany individuals who opt for this style of body art do not want an ostentatious design to express their faith and prefer to pay homage to their Christian beliefs in a fitting manner by using a more basic and humble image. These are popular for placement on smaller skin surfaces, in particular appendages like the wrist or hand however the chest – close to the vicinity of the heart – is another favorite for obvious reasons.

The iconic and universally recognized symbol of the cross has proved to be a popular choice for use in body art designs and these cross tattoos can be depicted in a variety of differing ways. From the basic Latin cross illustrated in a very simplistic style to more elaborate medieval style crosses with more ostentatious embellishments to gothic or even tribal style designs, these definitely offer something to suit all tastes and purposes. One of the most popular designs emulating the style of ancient civilizations and tribes, such as the Celts is of course the beautiful and perhaps more spiritual Celtic cross which is deemed to pre-date even the Latin cross.

In recent years, body art placed on the hand and wrist areas have been immensely popular with female tattoo fans but not so much with the guys, perhaps due to the past associations of these designs, when they were often sported by street gang members. Super cool hand tattooNow however, things are definitely changing and hand tattoos for men seem to be on the increase as more and more guys are opting for body art placed on this appendage. The most popular placement areas seem to be on the inner side, at the base of the thumb rather than on the palm or back of the hand, in predominantly small designs as this is not a very large surface of skin for anything more elaborate.

Despite the previous incantations of certain body art designs, modern tattooing seems to have bypassed much of the stigma associated with most of these placement areas which included hand tattoo ideas for men. In the past, dots and lines inked on the hand indicated that the individual had criminal connections but this si no longer the case as tattoo fans from all walks of life are being inked here. Among the most popular designs are those featuring the star – as a single image or in clusters of shooting stars – as well as religious icons like the Latin cross and praying hands or tribal symbols, derived from the artwork of ancient civilisations like the Celts.

There are many popular male body art designs for one of the most popular placement areas, the back, however those created for upper back tattoos for men in particular seem to be among the most favoured. These include eternally popular tribal artwork pieces in distinctive patters or depicting natural elements like birds and animals in a more abstract form. Interesting upper back tattoo on dudeThe eagle, hawk and legendary firebird, the phoenix, are all in wide demand for this area, placed in a central position just below the neck and with the wings extending out towards the left and right sides. Horizontal written designs using text lettering instead of picture images are also idea for this area.

If you are interested in medium to large body art designs then the back is one of the best locations as it provides a reasonable space that is relatively flat for the tattooist to work on. Designs for upper back tattoos for guys often start at the nape of the neck and reaching outward horizontally, although there are also some vertical designs of this kind that can be inked down and around the spine. There are also images that can be placed on one side or the other and Asian dragons, big cats and religious icons like the crucifix or Celtic cross are another favourite as are symbolic angel wings inked on or around the shoulder blades.

The typical male tattoo enthusiast seems to be drawn to images and designs that enhance his masculinity and this includes many used for upper arm tattoos for men. There are even tribal pieces designed for this area that accentuate the muscle including the popular arm band style. Skulls upper arm tattoo on dudeIf this particular design appeals to you then you may be interested to know that there is some superstition within the tattoo industry, in relation to these. Take a closer look at anyone who is sporting such a tattoo and you will see that the design has not been inked to encompass the arm in full as there should always be a small gap between one end and the other as it is deemed unlucky for these to be completely joined.

While tribal artwork continues to be one of the most widely requested body art designs in the modern world of tattooing there are a multitude of other popular designs that are greatly favoured for the likes of upper arm tattoo ideas for men. These include intensive half sleeve designs that run from shoulder to elbow and cover most of the skin surface in ink detail, oriental imagery like the Chinese dragon and koi fish as well as Japanese Kanji and Geisha girls alongside old school designs like the pin-up girl or nautical star. The latter have seen a revival in recent years and while they retain that old-fashioned style synonymous with the fifties in particular, the ink quality and standard of artistic skill involved has certainly made a difference to these modern designs.

While the abstract artwork of ancient tribal civilisations like the Polynesians, Maoris and Samoan’s continue to be popular for larger male body art designs, there are some cool tribal back tattoos for men that use recognisable images transformed to emulate this style. Great tribal tattoo on dudes backThese include some wonderful big cat imagery such as the tiger, jaguar or panther in dark monochrome or simplistic black and white designs as well as more elaborate oriental dragon images that cover almost the entire back which make a potent visual impact. Iconic religious imagery like the Celtic Cross is another popular design that works well in the tribal style, perhaps embellished with additional adornments such as wings, flames or even floral images.

The distinctive artwork of tribal body art is universally recognised thanks to the phenomenal demand for these designs in the past quarter of a century or more and this demand shows no sign of ceasing any time soon. If anything, these designs continue to get bigger and bolder, and are widely requested for larger skin surfaces with the likes of tribal back tattoos for men very much in favour. These range considerably from the geometric patterns used in Hawaiian tribal designs to the eternally popular sweeping swirls and spirals associated with New Zealand’s Maori tribes people, as well as the infinite knots and key work used for Celtic tribal pieces.

There are a wide variety of different placement areas that are widely requested for body art in the 21st century, however there are some locations that are more favored than others particularly among guys, including designs for shoulder tattoos for men. Nice tribal design on guys shoulderThis is a popular place to have inked as it is suitable for smaller stand alone images but it is also ideal for those who want larger designs, extending onto other body parts such as the arm, chest or back. There are many popular tribal designs that are used for both however big cats like the jaguar or tiger are also in great demand for the latter as are elaborate and intricately detailed oriental images such as the koi fish or Asian dragon.

If you are considering body art designs for shoulder tattoos for men, then there are many images available that are suitable for this specific placement area. These include celestial imagery like the sun, moon and stars depicted in multi-colored ink designs or in a single dark ink emulating the popular tribal art style as well as old-school designs like the nautical star or fifties pin-up girl which have seen a revival in recent times. Birds of prey and other potent totem animals like the wolf, bear or buffalo are also favored by male tattoo fans who want to harness their powerful male attributes in their choice of body art design. However, if you want a design that is more unique, then how about using some exotic floral imagery for a masculine version of an old female favorite?

Male body art designs tend to use potent masculine images that evoke connotations of strength, power, courage and ferocity but there are also some more abstract designs that enhance muscle and accentuate the physique that are popular for arm tattoos for men. Mens arm tattoo with flower and tribal mixThese include designs featuring the artwork of ancient tribes and civilizations like the Maoris, Samoan and Hawaiian native art which continue to be immensely popular alongside powerful totem animals such as big cats and birds of prey. Aside from their symbolic value these designs offer additional kudos thanks to their aesthetic appeal as they often extend down or wrap around the arm for a more three dimensional effect.

Since body art first came to prominence in the West, there has been a continuous demand for Oriental themed imagery like the Asian dragon, koi fish, samurai warrior and geisha girl particularly in lateral designs for arm tattoos for men. These are often incorporated with additional imagery associated with the Far east, its culture and philosophies such as Japanese Kanji, Chinese characters and symbolic blooms like the cherry blossom or lotus flower. These look amazing as small, medium and large designs inked on a strategic position or covering the majority of the skin surface on the upper, lower or entire arm, often in a mixture of black and contrasting brightly colored ink combinations.

Shoulder tattoo of angelThere are many popular faith themed images that are frequently used in body art designs today and these include highly symbolic angel tattoos for men which are also in demand by those whose beliefs are more spiritual than theological. These iconic religious images can be depicted with either male or female features and are used in a variety of different manners.

Some individuals opt to use this image as part of a memorial design, to pay homage to a deceased loved one while other designs include two angels entwined in battle, one with angelic features the other with more demonic characteristics to represent the ongoing struggle of good against evil.

There are a wide variety of popular images that are frequently requested for body art designs by both men and women including celestial bodies such as the sun, moon and stars. Nice and simple star tattoosThe latter offer a multitude of different styles of star tattoos for men whether you opt for the five pointed nautical star, a symbolic shooting star design or even a more abstract image emulating the style of tribal artwork. While these designs make a strong visual impact whether they are illustrated in monochrome or multicolored inks, this particular image is also rich in positive symbolism. The inspirational star offers connotations of hope, divinity, guidance and aspiration, so it provides the wearer with constant encouragement to reach their goals and turn their dreams into reality.

With so many body art images to choose from in the modern world of tattooing it can be difficult to find one that is just right for you, especially if you are seeking one with both symbolic and aesthetic value. If that’s the case, you may want to research popular designs such as those used for star tattoos for men as the Nautical Star in particular is a predominantly masculine design that offers both these qualities. This is a five-pointed star, with a line emanating from each point to split it in half, with each half inked in different colors, most often using red and either black or blue ink. As a symbol of hope, good luck and inner strength, it has long been associated with sailors so it is also frequently requested by servicemen.

There are many popular placement areas that are widely requested for male body art designs but aside from the arms, chest tattoos for men are definitely one of their favorites. These come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from designs that cover the whole chest area to smaller images for more specific placement and close to the heart in particular seem to be in huge demand especially for memorial or religious themed tats as well as those dedicated to a significant other. Nicely designed lotus tattoo on guys chestPopular stand alone images used for body art of this kind include symbolic flowers such as the rose or lily and of course designs featuring heart shaped images .

In recent years, more and more body art designs are becoming available for trendy written tattoos, which replace the more traditionally used picture images with words or text of some kind, often illustrated in an elaborate font style or writing. These have proved to be immensely popular for chest tattoos for men in horizontal designs that extend from one side of the chest to the other, in a straight or a semi-circle generally just beneath underneath the neck line. If the lettering used is depicted in a foreign language like Latin, Spanish or French then this will add even more kudos to the design and there are also tats like this that can be inked in ancient script such as Hebrew or Sanskrit too.

If you are interested in body art, then you may be aware that nowadays, the placement area for your chosen design is almost as important as the image itself. Among the most popular designs today are cross tattoos for men, which are suitable for a variety of different body parts however the chest, back and arms are perhaps the most favored. Quite a daring cross tattoo for a guyThe bicep and forearm in particular are widely requested especially for tribal cross images such as the Celtic cross, but this can be scaled to suit different sized skin surfaces depending on whether you want a small, medium or large tattoo. There are even very large designs of this kind that can be inked to fit the whole back.

There are many iconic religious images used in body art designs today and not just by those who want a tattoo that represents their faith and beliefs. However, among the most commonly requested images of this kind are those used for cross tattoos for men which have proved immensely popular for decades. These include traditional Latin cross or crucifix designs as well as the more spiritual Celtic cross and the style ranges from simplistic, very basic imagery to more elaborate and intricately detailed crosses. Some individuals may even with additional embellishments like flowers, wings or text such as letters, a name or word, added to the overall design if required.

The mighty dragon has proved to be a firm favorite when it comes to images widely used in body art designs today and the oriental-styled variety in particular is immensely popular. However, if you are considering dragon tattoos for men using one of the many Asian versions of this legendary creature, there are some subtle differences between the Chinese and Japanese designs that you may want to be aware of. Dragon tattoo on dudes forearmIn China their dragons have five toes while in Japan, they only have three. Indonesian and Korean dragons have four so this is an alternative option if you want to avoid the more common depictions of this highly popular image.

One of the most potent and masculine images used in body art designs for men has to be the mighty, mythical fire-breathing dragon which has been the subject of legends and folklore in both eastern and western cultures. In the west, those of Welsh heritage may be attracted to dragon tattoos for men as the Red Dragon is one of the most recognizable images associated with Wales and its heritage while those with an interest in the Far East may prefer an oriental dragon design which tend to be depicted in dark monochrome ink or vibrant multi-colored designs. This image is also commonly depicted in the style of ancient tribal artwork too.

There have been many trends in the tattooing world in the past thirty years a body art gradually became more main stream and eventually went completely global however there are certain styles that have stood the test of time and remain just as popular today. Nicely inked tribal tattooThese include the eternally popular tribal tattoos for men which has perhaps been the most favored male body art style requested in modern times as these are bold, masculine designs in dark ink colors that accentuate muscle and enhance the male physique. There is also something rather primal about this imagery which appeals to many guys as these offer connotations of strength, power and machismo like no other design around.

The tattooing industry has been over run with demand for designs emulating the artwork of far-away tribes like the Maori, Samoan and Polynesians as well as ancient civilizations like the Celts, Aztecs and Mayans. Not surprisingly, tribal tattoos for men are still at the forefront in the popularity stakes when it comes to male body art designs today and these are still as much in favor now as they ever were. The beauty of this particular style if that there are so many different types of artwork to choose from and many differing images, patterns and designs for each so even though it is a very commonly requested tattoo, it is still possible to find one that is more unique and individual to you.

Floral body art designs were predominantly favored by female fans until recent times, when exotic and tropical blooms have seen a rise in popularity among both men and women. Prior to this, the only male design featuring a flower tended to be rose tattoos for men which have been popular with men for hundred of years when sailors first returned from South Pacific regions bringing the art of tattooing to the rest of the world. Rose tattoo on man's upper armIn modern society, this has proved to be a popular image for men who want to express their love for a partner, parent or child and these are widely used in memorial-style tattoos as a symbol of the wearer’s eternal love for the individual represented in the design.

There are many popular floral designs that are widely requested in modern body art however traditional flowers with their classic beauty and timeless elegance have remained in favor despite competion from more exotic varieties in recent years. In this respect rose tattoos for men are as popular as they have ever been, not least because of the differing styles and designs available today, which make them a very versatile and multi-faceted image. From natural depictions featuring the archetypal red rose to more abstract designs emulating the style of tribal artwork used by civilizations around the world for millennia, there are many ways to make this popular image more unique and individual to you personally.

There are many popular trends in the tattooing world that have come and gone over the years and while some have passed much quicker than others there are other fads that continue to grow in popularity with no sign of going out of favor. Italian tattoo of map of ItalyOne of the latest styles has seen traditional pictorial images replaced with text such as letters or words and this is ideal for those seeking cool designs in Italian tattoos for men, as those inked in a foreign language or script offer extra kudos.

These can be inked in block letters or an elaborate written-style font and often involve words or a phrase of personal significance to the individual, however make sure you have an Italian dictionary to hand to check the spelling or translation is correct or your cool tattoo will look ridiculous instead.

In recent years there has been a rise in demand for cultural-themed body art, especially among those who are living far away from their country of birth as well as individuals who wish to pay homage to their ancestral roots and heritage. These can take a variety of differing formats with some offering very obvious connotations and others with more subtle undertones however most Italian tattoos for men are easy to recognize not least because they often contain the three distinct colors of Italy’s national flag which are of course red, white and green. This particular color scheme can be applied to a number of different images including the distinctive shape of this Mediterranean country and some of its famous landmarks.

In days gone by, certain placement areas were considered to be taboo in the world of body art, in particular prominent locations with high visibility like the face, hands and neck. Designs in these areas carried a certain stigma about them and neck tattoos, particularly those featuring crude spider web imagery inked in this area were associated with ex-cons and those involved in gangs or criminal activity. Very cool neck tattoo of tribal sun symbolFortunately, things have changed considerably in the past few decades and this is now a very popular body part that is widely requested by men and women, and as a result most of the artistic designs used today are tasteful, classy and cool.

There are certain body parts that have gained a bad reputation in decades past when it comes to tattooing, having become associated with a certain element of society and thus viewed in a negative light accordingly. However, modern neck tattoos for men have risen beyond this notoriety and these designs are now one of the coolest placement areas in the industry today. As a result, designs for this location have improved considerably and spider web imagery which was widely associated with the criminal fraternity, have been replaced by cool tribal artwork, iconic religious images and trendy text designs. These can be placed on the nape of the neck, behind the ear and to the side of the neck as well as in a central front location if required.

There are many mythical creatures that have proved to be popular images for use in body art designs today and these include the fairy and unicorn for women and the potent fire breathing dragon in various depictions for men. However, one of the less common choices for designs of this nature are those featuring the legendary firebird of ancient Arabian folklore used for phoenix tattoos for men.

This is deemed to be a potent solar symbol that represents positive attributes such as longevity, rejuvenation, rebirth and renewal however this particular image makes a spectacular body art design in both multi-colored and monochrome ink shades. The latter are popular for more abstract designs emulating the style of tribal artwork and look great inked on a variety of differing body parts.

Most of us select our body art designs for purely personal reasons whether these are aesthetic or for more meaningful purposes as this makes our chosen design more unique to us as individuals. In this regard, Irish tattoos for men have proved immensely popular with those who want their body art to reflect their cultural heritage and there is a great deal of choice in designs of this kind today. From lucky leprechauns and green shamrocks to harps and pints of Guinness, there are designs to suit everyone whether you want a lighter hearted image to express your sense of humor or those featuring symbolic Celtic artwork for those who prefer deeper and more meaningful imagery.

Irish folk are living all over the globe nowadays. Gone are the days of a “big” world! In almost all westernized countries you will find an “Irish” town where all the lads will hang out and enjoy each other’s Irish company. Well – along with this great comradeship comes a definite yearning of one’s heritage, and what better way to show off ones forefather rights than sporting a great tattoo that proudly represents your cultural background. As well as that, Irish tattoos are deemed for their luck powers. A shamrock tattoo will do just fine in that department. But many are the choices, and all giving a wonderful Celtic flare to being of proud Irish decent.