Many men are attracted to tattoos because they think body art will make them look cool and appear more attractive to the ladies. However, while a great tattoo design often adds to a guy’s sex appeal, a poor quality or badly placed image will undoubtedly have the opposite effect. To ensure you don’t make that mistake, take a look at these ideas for the best tattoos for men.

Best Tattoos For MenAnimal images have always been popular with male tattoo enthusiasts who are drawn to their symbolic attributes and character traits that they want to express in themselves. Animalistic qualities such as strength, speed, courage, bravery and wisdom are among the characteristics that appeal to guys and big cats like the tiger, leopard, jaguar and lion are always in popular demand. These can all make impressive potent tattoo designs but bird images are another favorite with men too particularly the eagle, hawk, swallow and even dove symbolizing freedom and flight as well as peace. Mythical creatures like the dragon and less cuddy ones like the snake or scorpion, are also much in demand when it comes to the best tattoos for men as they convey cunning, fearlessness and ferocity. However, it is worth deciding in advance what particular qualities you want to express with your tattoo before finding an animal image that projects the appropriate symbolism.

One of the all time most popular male tattoo designs has to be tribal art work which look visually stunning and can be highly symbolic too. Most of these designs can be traced back to ancient tribes who used them as part of their cultural rituals and customs. There are some authentic tribal designs available online so it is worth doing a bit of research to find one that is more original rather than settling for the first tribal art pattern you see. If you have a specific interest in a particular culture then this will limit your search and you can make your selection from your chosen tribal art. This could be Maori, Samoan, Hawaiian, Aztec or any other that appeals to you on a personal level. Some tattooists specialize in this style of tattoo so they will have the skills to create you a tattoo from a certain tribal genre whether it is a simple or elaborate design.

Best Tattoos For MenSome tattoo designs come and go, while other styles continue to make a comeback like old school tattoo designs which tend to be more simplistic than some of the more intricately detailed modern body art. These traditional images still appeal to many and unlike other more complex images the symbolism here is very clear. Popular images for this kind of tattoo include skulls, roses, pin up girls, swallows, hearts and crosses. Modern designs in this style can be delightful and quite beautiful, as long as you use a skilled and experienced tattooist with the talent to execute these images to perfection. In fact some of the best tattoos for men in recent years have been updated versions of these classic old designs.

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