There are an abundance of designs to select from for a man who is thinking about getting a tattoo as well as many areas of the body from which to choose a location to get inked.  You may have a particular body part in mind and have chosen a popular design for it already or you may have a design that you desire but are unsure where it would look best. Tattooed armbands are popular for mens tattoos, particularly around the upper arms as this enables a man to bring attention to his biceps, which men enjoy showing off.  A design that is on the muscle will definitely draw the eye to a guys muscular arms and this location can also be discretely hidden by shirt sleeves when necessary.  Mens TattoosTribal style armbands are the most commonly requested tattoo in this area, wrapped around and appearing to cover the muscle, ideal for this design.

Many men also choose the back to get inked as it provides a large canvas for the artist to work on so if you want something big and bold this is a great place to choose. These can also be covered with clothing to hide the tattoo if protocol dictates discretion for body art.  Big letters, and long thin tattoos that go from the top to the bottom of the back are also popular and oriental style artwork is also common for guys who want a tattoo on their back. Another good location for mens tattoos are the shoulders as this can be done in installments and developed from a half into a full sleeve if desired. For a single tattoo, many opt for a small design on the shoulder such as a symbol, name or even a memorial tattoo which means something personal to the wearer.  The shoulder area is also common for tribal designs.  For those guys who love to show off their ripped chest, getting a tattoo on the chest is ideal.  This not only draws attention to his pecs but will also show off the whole of the upper body. Popular tattoos for this location are large works of art that begin on one part of the chest and work their way down or extend upwards across the shoulder or neck, even continuing down the arm.  As the chest contains the heart, this organ is often represented by a heart tattoo in this area.

Mens TattoosThere are so many designs to choose from for mens tattoos and a large choice of areas to use for the desired design with the chest, shoulder, back and arm the most popular. The most widely chosen designs vary as a result of the body part selected for inking but there are a great deal of ideas out there to assist you in finding the perfect tattoo.

As you can see, there are a great deal of locations and designs that men can use when getting a tattoo. The most common locations are the arm, back, chest, and shoulder. The popular designs all vary depending on the body part, but there are a number of different ideas available to help you find the perfect tattoo for yourself. Tattoo Creator offers great ideas and gives access to the largest and best selection of creative, award winning designs that you can access from home, online. Whether you want something masculine or meaningful there is the perfect design waiting just for you. Therefore if you are investing in a tattoo and want help choosing the right one, there are many articles you can browse through as well as sites you can visit with thousands of inspirational and awesome tattoos on multiple databases to find your ideal tattoo. A professional tattoo artist should be located from a reputable tattoo parlour so when you find your design, print it off and visit one then you can get started.

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